The participants will go through a variety of exercises and group discussions to help them understand the importance of practicing patience, being mindful and having strong work ethic. Depending on what they need, the participants will learn Fundamentals, Decompression, Sandbag or Power Kickboxing. For 2-3 months, they will be coached twice a week and will be required to practice accountability by doing a third workout on their own. By the end of the program the participants will attain a stronger sense of character, be educated on how to exercise properly and have a solid understanding of the importance of practicing healthy habits early in life.

Fundamentals - A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to a lack of bodily awareness. The participants will be coached on posture, gait, hand eye coordination and foot coordination. Establishing a strong baseline with the fundamentals will empower the youth to stay active early in life. 

Decompression - As we progress through the years, discomfort and pain can develop from tight muscles that need to be lengthened. The participants will be coached on memorizing 4 flows that will help them increase their flexibility and mobility to help them stay pain free. 


Sandbag - To practice movement as a human, it is important to have an understanding of posture, mind to muscle activation and the six primal movements. The participants will learn how to squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull and press. Understanding the primal movements will keep the participants confident in any workout for the upcoming years. 

Power Kickboxing - Our youth have pent up energy that can be vented in a lot of ways. Learning the fundamentals of how to strike pads safely will ensure that that this energy is channeled productively. The participants will be coached on the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, push kick, side kick, back kick and round kick. Understanding the fundamentals of striking will help the participants understand the importance of teamwork while building a stronger sense of self-confidence.