Jeff Berger is the founder of BHYD. His career is defined by passion, vision and innovation.

Jeff had the good fortune of participating in organized team sports since childhood, eventually focusing on American Football. As a senior in High School, after years of hard work and sacrifice, he earned his spot as the Captain of the Defense and the Most Valuable Defensive Player Award. He was also chosen for the All League Team, All State Team and the Northern California All Star Team.


Jeff took his success to college where, in 2001, he earned the Coaches Award. In 2002 he earned his spot as the Captain of the Defense and the Most Valuable Defensive Player Award. The 11 years he dedicated to football helped him to truly understand the importance of self-confidence, discipline, structure, work ethic, teamwork and communication.


Following his football career, Jeff was recruited to coach a strength training class in a martial arts facility which provided him the opportunity to be inspired by a different mindset and approach to athleticism. These martial artists were capable of amazing things and yet, they humbly and respectfully acknowledged each other as Sir or Ma’am. He was amazed by their self-discipline and the way that they carried themselves. Always so polite and genuinely appreciating each other with proper manners. Training in martial arts helped Jeff to discover a more balanced approach to life. It was here that he learned a deeper sense of patience, self-discipline, appreciation, gratitude and respect.  

These life lessons learned through athletics have shaped Jeff into who he is today. He continues to stay connected to his passion for movement by teaching what he’s learned to others. Coaching gives Jeff an opportunity to give back to the community that gave so much to him. 

Two decades into coaching, Jeff began to notice that the lessons he learned through athletics were becoming more and more rare in everyday life. The sedentary lifestyle, excessive screen time and use of apps were severely impacting the way people view themselves and interact with each other. He was genuinely concerned about the mental and emotional damage people were experiencing daily. He thought to himself, “If I could give adults the tools for success at a younger age, they’d be more prepared to overcome the challenges of everyday life later on.” 


Jeff presently devotes his time to the BHYD program with the mission to fight a sedentary lifestyle by providing an active, collaborative alternative to the isolation brought on by the digital age.