Our mission is to educate and empower the youth with a solid understanding of movement so they attain a stronger sense of self-confidence, practice good habits early and live a longer healthier life.


About This Cause

BHYD is designed to motivate, energize and excite the youth about working towards their fitness and wellness goals. The fun and interactive drills in the program will help the participants to understand the fundamentals of movement and the importance of exercising regularly. In exchange for the participants' dedication and best effort, they will attain a stronger sense of self-confidence to prepare them for the upcoming challenges they will experience in day to day life. 


Exercising in a supportive community is one of the greatest resources for instilling valuable life skills in children. Every child deserves to have the opportunity to learn how to move properly. To ensure the participation is productive and positive, we will reinforce the importance of the following with physical activity:


-Staying positive 

-Being grateful and appreciative

-Teamwork and communication

-Self-respect and respecting others

-Dedication, strong work ethic and accountability 

-Having the courage and self-confidence to try